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The current project includes material for a senior undergraduate / junior graduate course on software engineering for robotics. The course covers an introduction to robotics but the main emphasis is on the software engineering aspects.

The course is structured around
  • Introduction
  • Intro to Robotics
  • SW engineering tools
  • Intro to Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio
  • Use of simulation as part of development
  • System analysis and design
  • Inter-Process communication
  • Data Flow Models
  • Process Models
  • Standard Architectures
  • Hardware interfacing
  • Evaluation and Benchmarking

The students in the course are expected to implement a small sense-plan-act type system for doing navigation within a room. The main emphasis is not on a "fancy" robot design but to use the system to explore variations across different style of architectures, data-flow paradigms, and ways through which standard platforms such as Microsoft Robot Developer Studio can be used for rapid prototyping and experimentation.

A version of the course is taught at Georgia Tech during the fall of 2010. Links to the course web pages and the associated syllabus, schedule, ... can be found at

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